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The surname FAUVEL is mentioned since the 15th century in the lines of Normandy/France.  Due to the persecution of the Huguenots, lots of Fauvels emigrated and can therefore be found since that time also in Great Britain, in Canada, in the USA, on the Channel Islands, in Australia and even in New-Zealand.

At least two branches turned to Germany, the first obviously arrived at the end of the 18th century at Oldenburg, the second, our ancestor, at the beginning of the 19th century at Osterode/Harz.  Further research did not succeed up-to-now because of the perturbations during the Napoleon wars as well as to the problems in understanding and writing French words (as usual).

The most important hint with respect to our origins, probably, is the remark in the wedding document of our earliest officially mentioned ancestor named Johann Matthias Fauvel.  According to this remark, our ancestors came from the Netherlands.

On the following pages all presently known information about our ancestors is compiled - in order make it available to other investigators interested in the history of the Fauvels, but also hoping to get more information in this way.

About the History of the Fauvels

General Facts

Acronym FAUVEL

Wedding Document of Johann Matthias from 1806

Historical Background

Contributions to the History of Burgundy, of the Netherlands and of the town Osterode

Contributions to the History of the Walloons and Huguenots



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