A small computer code to generate an infinity of diverse mathematical graphs (written about 1968)



First, download the self-extracting code (right mouse, target save), double-click extracts three files to the specified directory, double-click to the batch-file should start the application:

-         After start a MS-DOS-window should arise, where you must define two parameters A an B (sum and difference of two radii); complete with RETURN

-         Next you have to define parameters C and D (sum and difference of two angles); complete with RETURN

The further application should be easy.

The generation of the graphic may be time-consuming due to the choice of the parameters depending on the capabilities of your PC.  Anyway, it is finished when you are asked in the left upper part of the screen for the further procedure.  You also can stop the procedure by using the key-combination “control-break”.  In the case that the window is not closed automatically, please type in “system” followed by RETURN.

Problems cannot be foreseen, but may arise because nowadays MS-DOS-Windows usually are not initiated (although MS-DOS is still the basis for WINDOWS)


Graphic-Code (Graphic_eng.exe)



Have fun !!!